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Our Mission

To empower our clients to make the most informed choices regarding their technology procurement decisions. We pledge that our experts will continually be trained on all the available solutions to ensure our clients get an honest and objective opinion – not a sales pitch. From the initial consultation through renewal, we're dedicated to creating long term relationships and helping our clients have the best customer experience possible.


"Work with an Expert, Not a Salesperson" is our motto. Our goal is to offer clients an alternative avenue for evaluating and ultimately procuring their technology. We hope you enjoy our website where you will learn more about how our process, portfolio and organization will save you time, get a better price, evaluate more vendors, make a more informed decision and have a better support structure for the services we know your business has to have to operate. Technology can be very confusing and talking to multiple salespeople is never a fun process, so use our team of trusted experts to ensure you're making the best decision to meet your organization's needs. We look forward to empowering you and making your organization our next reference!


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No More Salespeople Consulting is a company designed to help you make decisions for your business in a process that gives you peace of mind. Our team of qualified executives, make it possible for you to make informed decisions with regard to your IT provider, business security, phone and software systems and much more. All this is done without you having to directly work with quota driven, pushy sales people who are trying to sell or “upsell” you services that your company does not need. With years of experience in our given fields, No More Salespeople Consulting will help you save money, time and energy by supplying you with bids from at least 4 suppliers of the services you are looking for.