Our Process

Click below to learn how Our Process will help empower you to make better decisions faster in your technology procurement.  Don't take our word for it though, listen to what our clients are saying Check our references

Old Model – Look online, ask your friends, yellow pages, be referred to 1-2 Vendors

NMSP Consulting Model – We already have relationships with and On-Staff Experts trained on multiple vendors locally, nationally and globally for what you're looking for.  In fact, they are finding us all the time because they want to be included in bidding our opportunities. If there’s a vendor you’re interested in and we don’t have a relationship with, we are happy to reach out to them and discuss adding them to our portfolio.

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Old Model:

  1. Meet with or have a conversation with every vendor independently about what you need
  2. Review each proposal separately and then try to make an apples to apples comparison
  3. Do background research on each vendor – Financial, Customer Support, Reviews, etc.

NMSP Consulting Model:

  1. Have 1 Meeting with Our Expert who will help create a Scope of Work based upon your needs
  2. Our Expert will source pricing from every provider who meets the criteria within the Scope of Work
  3. We will provide you with an Executive Summary which lists the pricing of all vendors and notes describing objectively the differences between them.  This includes their position in the market, financial strength, overall customer experience we've had working with them, etc
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Old Model – Read the contract and try to negotiate what you think could be better.

NMSP Consulting Model – We will attain and request specific addendums or any other contractually beneficial items specific to the services that you’re looking for based on our expertise in the area.

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Old Model – Work with an Implementation Manager who you likely have no relationship with and hope they do a good job

NMSP Consulting Model – We have designated Implementation Managers within our Vendor's Organization to ensure any issues during an installation are addressed immediately

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Old Model – Call Customer Care Centers for issues and hope someone gets back to you; Med to Large Organizations may have an Account Manager, but it is likely this will not be the same person forever

NMSP Consulting Model – You'll have all the benefits the Carrier can offer you, in addition to a direct contact at NMSP Consulting that is responsible for expediting your trouble tickets and assisting for anything account related issue with your Vendor for the life of your organization having that Vendor. 

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Old Model 

  1. You are still left questioning if you really checked all vendor options
  2. Most likely not 100% sure if the pricing was the best available
  3. Spent lots of time fielding questions and following up emails/phone calls from the vendor’s salespeople and trying to compare Proposals
  4. Spent More Time Reviewing Contracts that you're likely not familiar with
  5. Any issues that occurs, your organization has to work with the vendor directly and hope they are responsive

NMSP Consulting Model

  1. You are confident that you explored all your options
  2. You know you got the best price
  3. You understand exactly what was ordered and why
  4. You're confident that your contract was fair
  5. You have peace of mind if there's an issue impacting your organization that the Vendor isn't addressing in a proper fashion, you have another line of defense
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