We appreciate organizations and people of all kinds trying to better our world and so, we want to give back to them. 

We have two Give Back Options:

  1.  All non-profit organizations who choose any service or vendor through us will receive a 10% donation of our profit back to their organization for as long as they have the service.  Imagine getting paid back on your own phone and internet invoice, IT Services, Cellular and more…  That’s just the start!
  2. If you are not a non-profit organization but want to help one, you can deem any non-profit organization to receive 10% of our profit from the business you refer us for any product or service we consult on.

We look forward to giving back and making our world a better place together.  Please let us know how we can help you and your organization, while helping causes important to you at the same time!

Contact us to learn more